Pic: Harry Ekman

I’m in shock….I’m talking major shock. The sun is splitting the trees..in March…in Ireland (gobsmacked!). Which has gotten me in the picnic mood, BIG TIME!

Aferall this week will probably end up being our bloomin’ summer. So I’m packing a picnic basket & heading for the nearest park. Usually the mere mention of a picnic conjures up memories of eating soggy sandwiches at a public bench with my parents while being eaten alive my flies & pestered by wasps.  But MY picnic will be different….it’ll be stylish, I’ll be sipping Champagne, eating an array of fresh fruit & to top it all off it’s too early for wasps….BOOM!

Okay so this is what it’d be like if it happened in my head.

Also I don’t suffer from hayfever in my head….so I can happily skip through all manner of meadows….hooray!!



Floral & gingham desses are must-haves…as are straw hats & supersized sunnies.


If you’re feeling a tad lazy, why not pack it all on your head in an attractive picnic hat type thing like the model below? Sure why not…looks very comfortable & snazzy to me!;P



Go forth & dine al fresco!






March 28, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , . Fashion.

One Comment

  1. Alexandra Thérèse replied:

    Love the picture of Audrey – those cable knit tights are fab. Hope you enjoyed your picnic! x

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