Gwen & No Doubt are finally back on our airwaves..hooray. Their brand new vid sees Gwen rocking her roots, with her reggae look from the early No Doubt days & sticking with her platinum locks & super seductive blood red lips.  What I wanna know is how she hasn’t aged a day since 1996, Seriously jealous!


Belgian brand ICE Watches features with Gwen stacking her yellow number with bracelets galore.


For her nails, Gwen’s gone for some ska inspired checkered ones.  You can pick up some similar nail strips from Sally Hansen.


Get her top from classic vintage brand Fred Perry!



Whatcha waiting for?



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Stylish Sista: Clémence Poésy

Photo: Glamour


Watching the BBC’s adaption of Birdsong has inspired me to dedicate a little post to Madame Poésy (in between all the tears!).  She’s been a sartorial favourite since her Harry Potter days thanks to her laid-back, enviable style.  Birdsong’s early 1900 delicate costumes have suited her beautifully, although I’m sure she could pull off a back sack !


Her shoot with Glamour is also worth a looksie- the shots prove the camera really does love her. What is it about French women eh? Grrr….



Au Revoir!!;DXxxxx

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All I can say is Diane Kruger is one stylish, sophisticated lady….damn her! I’ve got one serious girl crush on the German lovely. From high forties glamour to laid-back  Parisian chic, Ms Kruger does it all with ease.  Lovin’ her natural hair too….especially the plaits (how very Heidi!) Effortlessly cool & with legs to die for, she’s beyond beautiful & seems pretty darn nice to boot! She definitely developed an enviable sense of style from her modelling days…& I for one heart it!




She even makes crop tops look amaze!

Elle France

Too cool for school!


Flirty feathers…so pretty!

I'd be jumping for joy if I had those legs!!


All I  can say is…Diane..ICH LIEBE DICH!!

Tschuss Xxx

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Stylish Sista: Do it like Jessie J!!


Do it like a brother, Do it like a dude…Do it like Jessie J!!

She’s riding high in the charts with Price Tag & it looks like 2011 will see Jessie J go stellar!! With her feisty attitude, bangin beats & her outrageous style, she’s one to watch!

Coupled with the shiniest, sleekest, raven bob..ever!! Jealous moi? Never!!   



Her style mixes quirky cartoon graphics with Gothic black lips & outlandish accessories!


But what’s most noticeable is her hefty collection of hosiery….& I love a girl with a penchant for tights…


My fave pair have to be the star ones…I want me some..although I’d probably wear them with a skirt, unlike Miss J!!

Do it like a DUDE!!


Where can I get them I hear you cry? Well you’re in luck as Jessie’s super trendy tights are from Henry Holland’s collection for Pretty Polly & can be picked up at!!


Or if it’s some of her sweet, foodie jewellery you fancy, you can find them at Punky Allsorts (a mecca for all things cute & adorable!).



One thing’s for sure, we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of Jessie J this year & I’m guessing a whole lot more of her legs…..tight makers & lovers everywhere, REJOICE!!


Darn, that song is super catchy!!

Littleminnie out!!


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Stylish Sista: Kesha

check out my armpit!


Fair play to Kesha, not only is she riding high in the charts with her infectious tunes but she’s also single-handedly increasing make-up sales the world over!! She’s got that glitter on her eyes…and well most of her face- okay than everywhere! More is more for Kesha & her outrageous make-up is a sure-fire way to make you stand out from the crowd.

Glad someone’s found some new fab looks for us to covet, rather than the reliable but slightly worn-out smokey-eye look. Is anyone brave enough to give it a go though? Perhaps, I’ll go all out & give it a whirl this Saturday!! Anyhoo, if anyone fancies recreating Kesha’s marvellous make-up, check out BarryM who do a range of the brightest, glitteriest eye-shadows EVER! (they have some tutorials on their website too if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Last of the mohicans?surely not!


While I’m lovin the make-up, I’m not so convinced about the old mohican-mainly because I would look RIDICULOUS & it looks like a whole lotta effort & hairspray! But for an awards ceremony it looks immense (maybe not for who evers stuck sitting behind you though..)- I think a small quiff would work just as good for real-life & majorly reduce hairspray fume emissions..result!!

'I gots style'

Kesha’s a bit underrated in the snobby fashion style stakes, in my opinion.  I for one am slightly fed-up with the usual suspects  that all the magazines seem to worship-the bondage dress, nude court shoe & giant hair brigade. It’s yawn inducing. To get you some Kesha-like style you gonna need you some:

-levi cut-offs (try Urbanoutfitters)

-Slashed band tees ( Truffleshuffle do some good uns’!)

-Ripped tights/fishnets

-Sequined anything!!

– Banged up cowboy boots

– Bangin’ bangles, knuckle dusters, cool chains, earrings & feathers galore! 

Who says you can have too many accessories? Well,pfiff to them!

More is deffo more in her case…& I likey!!

Hope Kesha keeps her fantabulous glungy look up for yonks! 😉

Random girl creates kesha video make-up look below:

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Stylish Sista : Hayley Williams

Candyfloss hair

Anyone who can carry off yellow eyeshadow, neon drainpipes & baggy hoodies is alright in my book! What’s even more impressive is that she manages to look perfect while rocking out & sweating buckets…irritating!

Rocking the red carpet

What’s EVEN more amazing is her magical rainbow hair! I heart it-granted walking down my street with orange hair would attract disapproving glares & I would most probably look like a complete tool but still…I love it on her. Major hair crush alert!

My fave Hayley looks though have to be her award ceremony outfits, fusing bright eye-catching dresses with rock chick attitude-RESPECT! She always mixes it up & deffo never gets stuck in a style rut.

No wonder she looks smug…darn that girl looks good!!;D X

"I feel pretty..."

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Stylish Sista: Zooey Deschanel


Zooey is one positively stylish & multi-talented young lady. From modeling with Rimmel no less, acting up a storm on screen & even being a killer musician..Phew! It’s enough to make you sick….yet I salute her stylishness & of course, talent.

Effortlessly cool..

I love that she doesn’t have to flaunt the flesh to look fab (a welcome change!). I dig her ultra-girly dresses,hairbands, bows & gorgeous swingy skirts (all why somehow not resembling a schoolgirl,impressive!). We deffo need some more femininity these days & boy does she deliver(see what I did there!)! I’ve purchased her new Rimmel lipstick (Heartbreaker) in a vain attempt to emulate her..never gonna happen but hey a girls gotta try!

Apparently, hairdressers have been inundated with peeps looking for her luscious locks. They are super glossy & her fringe IS immense. Why can’t my wispy excuse for a fringe ever sit properly…damn you hair!!

But I’m not at all jealous…;D

Singin' stylishly in the rain

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