Ooh I love a good stud so I do….on everything if at all possible- including on my lip!;P I literally like all things studded- maybe it’s the texture, particularly when mixed with denim or leather. It just gives that extra edge to everything..& I for one love it! Maybe it’s the inner rock chick screaming to unleash herself on the sartorial world!


Wanna get crafty & find out how to make your own studded Converse (I know I do!), then clickety click here

or else have a looksie at this:




Go forth rock chicks!!;D





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I feel in serious need of a bit of neon to add to my wardrobe & to spice/brighten up my lacklustre oufits! I’m loving seeing everyone out & about in this trend- It makes me wanna go dancing..pronto. Plus the shops are jam-packed with every colour under the rainbow…I may have to ditch some of my old reliable black outfits-for the ‘Summer’* anyway. (*the torrential downpours make it feel like Winter!!)

I think touches of neon work best & really make an outfit pop. Think neon nail varnish, clutches & eye catching neon shoes just like Kirsten Stewart rocks below. Personally, I rrreally want a ‘so bright you can see it from space’ satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company in my life!







Image                                        Image


;D Love it!!


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Yes, yes,yes…the sun is FINALLY here & that means ditching my fur coat (about bloody time!).Hurrah, & while I may not resemble the crowd pictured below (le sigh), I can still pick out & share some of my fave Summer essentials.


The Transparent Bag


The Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers


The Denim Shirt


The Levi Cut-offs


The Pleated Skirt


The Floppy Hat


The Vans


The Fishtail Plait

Those are some of mine, what are yours??;D Xxx

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Pic: Harry Ekman

I’m in shock….I’m talking major shock. The sun is splitting the trees..in March…in Ireland (gobsmacked!). Which has gotten me in the picnic mood, BIG TIME!

Aferall this week will probably end up being our bloomin’ summer. So I’m packing a picnic basket & heading for the nearest park. Usually the mere mention of a picnic conjures up memories of eating soggy sandwiches at a public bench with my parents while being eaten alive my flies & pestered by wasps.  But MY picnic will be different….it’ll be stylish, I’ll be sipping Champagne, eating an array of fresh fruit & to top it all off it’s too early for wasps….BOOM!

Okay so this is what it’d be like if it happened in my head.

Also I don’t suffer from hayfever in my head….so I can happily skip through all manner of meadows….hooray!!



Floral & gingham desses are must-haves…as are straw hats & supersized sunnies.


If you’re feeling a tad lazy, why not pack it all on your head in an attractive picnic hat type thing like the model below? Sure why not…looks very comfortable & snazzy to me!;P



Go forth & dine al fresco!





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Mint green is this Spring/Summer’s hottest hue & just happens to be the perfect colour for St Patrick’s Day (obviously;P). Plus Pretty pastels are much easier to wear than a leprechaun hat…….RESULT! Team it with pinks & lemons to look like a delicious  ice-cream sundae….good enough to eat!;)







It’s not easy being green……but it sure as hell looks good Kermie!;D


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Stylish Sista: Clémence Poésy

Photo: Glamour


Watching the BBC’s adaption of Birdsong has inspired me to dedicate a little post to Madame Poésy (in between all the tears!).  She’s been a sartorial favourite since her Harry Potter days thanks to her laid-back, enviable style.  Birdsong’s early 1900 delicate costumes have suited her beautifully, although I’m sure she could pull off a back sack !


Her shoot with Glamour is also worth a looksie- the shots prove the camera really does love her. What is it about French women eh? Grrr….



Au Revoir!!;DXxxxx

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Get set to unleash your inner flapper girl as The Artist brings back the roaring twenties to all our wardrobes. Even with all the Oscar buzz & annoying ads (does it really need those awful ads to promote it?!), the fashion of old Hollywood still stands out beautiful.


Think fabulous fringing, cute cloche hats, faux fur stoles, dainty femine shoes, silk gloves & costume jewellery.

I’m gonna embrace the silent movie genre & let the pictures do the talking!!;P














& the star of the movie…Uggie!!;D





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She's a headache from all the festive excitement!

5,4,3,2,1….It’s nearly that time of year again.  Get ready to fight your way through the crowds & kiss a handsome stranger at midnight (if you’re lucky;P!). Oh and belt out ‘Old Lang Syne’ with gusto!

I’m on the lookout for some party dress inspiration because, well…..you can just never have enough, can you?! I’m fast becoming the Imelda Marcos of dresses but I still want/need more! Anyhoo ..even though I wouldn’t usually be one for metallics & sequins, for NYE I shall make an exception. Start the New Year with a fashion splash, I say!

Here’s some pretty numbers from Nasty Gal, Motel & TFNC to wet your dress appetite!




Happy 2012….now it’s time to party like it’s 2011 (while we still can)!!;DXx

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HO Ho Ho….& a fabulous Christmas to you!  Can hardly believe the big day is nearly upon us…soo much still to do (& to buy!).

This year it’s all about the humble Christmas jumper (so warm, so snuggly, so festive, so practical).  The most sought after are the ones of the “80s knitted variety”-the more garish & nafftastic the better.  Have a good search on ebay or a rummage around the charity shop for the best ones.

If (like moi!) you can’t quite bring yourself to rock those ‘retro’ numbers, try some of the alternatives below.  Still festive & snug as a bug but don’t hurt the eyes (result)!!;P

The jumper below was worn by Little Mix in the X-Factor final, with their names stitched on with glittery thread-adorable!!


Turkey & Ham hhhhere I come!!;D  yummerson!

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Ever since models sashayed downed the catwalk in these Miu Miu beauties, everyone’s been after some glitz for their shoe collection. Perfect for adding a little  bit (or a lot!) of sparkle to your Winter wardrobe.

I’m feeling some serious D-I-S-C-Os coming on! With these babies on your footsies you’ll be bringing the disco EVERYWHERE!! While my paltry budget may not quite stretch to the fuschia Miu Miu cuties above (just yet!), there’s plenty of more purse friendly options on offer..wohoo!! Good news for magpies everywhere!

Beware: This particular trend may result in women the world over staring at their own feet….a lot.

…one day…….!!


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