Rock Rockabilly, Baby!

Lovin’ all things kitschy and retro glam at the mo & looking to Grease for some style inspiration (must find me a Pink Ladies jacket!!).  All things ’50s seem to be having a fashion moment, thanks in part to the marvelous, Mad Men.  It’s got be the way the clothes in this era seemed to flatter soo many figures as well as being colourful &  beautifully made.

I’m feeling prom dresses, ankle grazer jeans, baseball jackets & cute cardies worn with sweet little ankle socks myself…you’ll look cute as a button!!

One lady who knows how to nail that rockabilly look is Liberties lass, Imelda May.   As well as having a killer voice, she has a wardrobe to die for too! She rocks unusual tight dresses (Batman,Elvis & cartoon heroes have featured on some of them!) with skull jewellery & hoop earrings.

She often picks things up in charity & vintage shops or gets dresses made especially for her. Her trademarks though have got to be her quirky quiff with a blonde streak, her feline eye liner & her rouge lipstick!!(All of which she does herself in no time!)

Here’s some bits & bobs I might want to purchase… depending obvs!!

I think I’d quite like to be as cool as Imelda & a rockabilly fashionista….




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Hey Jewel: Statement jewellery is hawt,hawt,hawt!!

(Note : so darn hawt you could get BURNED!)

More, more, more is definitely the sentiment when it comes to jewellery at the mo with just about everyone in celeb-land working the trend. So pile on the pendants, chuck on the chains, bang on those bangles & ring in the new year with rings galore. Sure, you’ll be only blingin’ gorgeous!

Personal fave has to be the delicious chain below, courtesy of those crazy folks at Lazy Oaf, sums up just about every night out on the town, methinks!!

read it & weep!!

* First 4 pics Neivz by Steven Shien at Lazy Oaf


Are you giving me the eyes?

Shady Lady

Spikey earrings

* Spike earrings from Asos

Legs eleven!!

*Asos pin up pendant

Wing & a prayer!

* Topshop wing clamp bracelet

Mmm, nothing like some prettyful, covetable accessories to wet the appetite….now to rob a bank-let you know how that works out for me!!

Peace out!! 😉 X

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My Roman Holiday

'How dare you mock my scarf beardo!!'

So, just read that the most fabulous film ever, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, turns 50 this week. Inspiring our neverending love for LBDs & spawning thousands of fashionistas over the decades (I’ll come to Roman Holiday in a min!)

Some tit-bits for all you fact-fans:

– Truman Capote (writer of the original short story) had always envisioned blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe as the lead. But her drama coach didn’t think playing a call girl would do her image any good (eejit!)

– Audrey Hepburn was picked to play the 19-year-old, Holly Golightly, despite being 31, & she always felt she was miscast.

– Steve McQueen almost starred in the classic..swoon!

– That infamous Givenchy dress was auctioned for 500,000 euro in 2002 (bargain). 

Anyhoo I headed to Roma in the summer, to follow in the footsteps of Roman Holiday. I hit all the hotspots in the movie…but it being August & me being less than familiar with the sun (It never shines in Ireland!) I ended up with a big pink face & had to sit down & gulp water every 5 minutes…not the Italian glamour I had hoped for..but hey, it was still beautiful!

Ater returning from my friend the sun..I took a short trip( okay,it was a day!) to london to search for a suitable Grad Ball dress. A pink, sparkly, fairy-like number (with glitter that sticks to everything!) was picked up in a super-cute little place in Camden Town & as luck would have it spotted an Audrey Hepburn locket which I now treasure!

Sparkly, sparkly



The other week,I finally popped up to the Style Museum up the road to check out their Audrey Hepburn section (apologies for grainy pics!).  They have lots of Audrey memorabilia, an adorable replica Roman Holiday scooter & my absolute fave, the stunning hot pink dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I wanted to smash the glass & bring it home..*drools*!!

Audrey's scooter!

It's a beauty!

In conclusion, I’m obsessed with sparkly,shiny stuff, Audrey Hepburn, Rome, Vespa scooters, lockets,Camden, classic films…

Tremendous Trevi Fountain in the sun


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