Life’s a beach..isn’t it?!!

So I gots to thinking about swanning off on my Summer holidays (not sure I can afford one but a girls gotta dream!).  Hmm where to go? But more importantly, what to wear?!  Shall I release my shockingly pasty skin on the world in a bikini?

Hell no!! That’s what kaftans, cute dresses & clever cover-ups were invented for! Praise the fashion Lord!


My new love of beachwear is in part due to the sometimes disturbing, always compelling Bondi Rescue.  I watch it for the harrowing stories & rescues..I swear, nothing to do with the attractive lifeguards!

For me the beach is all about the relaxation & the people watching but I do hate it when the sand ends up in my ice-cream or sandwiches..yuck!

So is the beach gonna be awash with 70’s style this Summer? I think that’d be worth seeing!!

If I do make it to the seaside, I want to wear maxi dresses, floppy hats, big retro shades, neon swimsuits, lots of bangles & stripy headscarves.

Plus a massive tote to fill with all my bits…magazines,books, sunnies, towel & something yummy for lunch!!

I stupidly passed up a pair of Celine 70’stastic sunglasses in Tk Maxx last week…I’m Raging!

Here’s some stuff to add to my ever increasingly wish list…!!

Tan lines ahoy!!

The apple of my eye!!

Is that beach ball super big or is the model TINY?!

I’d better get saving..asap!! Mmm all that talks got me craving an ice-cream cone..with a flake in it (why of course!!).

Bon Voyage!!

Xxxxxx ;)))



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I may have no sleeves..

So palazzo pants are huge this season…& I mean HUGE!! I’m pretty sure you could actually have a proper party in there (not in a dirty way obvs!!) or at least hide a variety of stuff in them….meaning no need for a handbag hehe!!Hooray!!

I’m not too sure about these trousers though!!Just found a photo of my Dad in the ’70s sporting something rather similar…added to the fact that he had long brown hair (just like mine!), I’m a little freaked out!! I don’t really want to be taking my style inspiration from my Father or worse….strangely resembling him!!

'Where's my knee gone?!'

So, I’m still not convinced on these babies…baggy stuff doesn’t ever look good on me….I also fear getting them caught in a bus door (Safety hazard perhaps?!;D) or having people in scruffy, mucky shoes tread on them!eww!!Plus getting the right length will be difficult..dear shops, we are not all the same frickin’ height!!


I’ve yet to be won over…but maybe I’ll be rocking them in a month..I shall report back!!

Hmm, wonder if my Dad still has a pair?? Imagine if they fitted?? Now that would deffo send me over the edge *SHUDDER*!!


Buh-bye!!;)) Xx



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Mad Hatters: Hats are back in Vogue


Tip of the hat!

White Moschino hat featured in Vogue Paris

Hallelujah! Hats are finally back in Vogue & it’s about frickin’ time. That ’70s trend means fedoras are once again hitting the catwalks at the likes of Missoni & I for one am super excited! You just don’t see enough hats these days, don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bar & spotted a hat wearer..ever.

Yet they should be fashion staples-they can keep you snug as a bug in winter, sunburn free in sizzling sunshine & most excitingly of all, they hide those hideous bad hair days! There’s also something quite suave & sophisticated about hats too. What’s not to love?

Can’t wait to see a resurgence in headgear, espesh the wide-brimmed, floppy variety! Bring.It.On

Fly Fedora!!


Oh, Miss Fearne Cotton, I heart your style-love the red & black & super-cute coat! Fearne can do no wrong in my book, she’s fashion & hair perfection as well as being to cool for school…*sighs*

Monochrome madness!!

It’s about time to bowl the fashion pack over with your bowler, flaunt your fur cossack, flash them your fedora, bring out your beanie & try out a trilby..pheww there’s just so many hats to choose from! So there has to be one for!!

Check out some celeb types embracing the very happening hat below…gotta say it..hats off to them(groan!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ciao for now!!:D X

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