I want to dress like a Disney princess- to cheer me up from this horrid flu!!  Well, okay, a Cinderella ball gown & tiara may be a stretch too far- If I only I was eight again, then I could get away with it! These days I’d quite probably be locked up!;)


Still, at least Disney Couture has some magical jewellery to unleash my inner princess with & there’s some adorable Disney inspired clothing knocking about too. Perfect…Now if only I could find a prince! Back to kissing frogs!Eww Gross!;P






May your dreams come true!!;DXxx


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Photo: Black Milk

The sartorial world has gone loopy for leggings it would seem. First came the obsession with galaxy styles, then all sorts of animals,stunning stain glass windows & now we’ve got ombre leggings of every colour of the rainbow.

Leggings are toughies though, they can go wrong in oh so many ways. I prefer to go with a longer top for a more flattering look & don’t forget to wear the correct underwear people!;P

But if you’re not put off & are still in the market for some legwear, head on over to Black Milk, Lovely Sally or Topshop for some of the coolest ones on offer.



The love heart ones -so sweet!;)

Image                                                  Image

Image                                                   Image


Ciao!!;P XOXO

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Ooh I love a good stud so I do….on everything if at all possible- including on my lip!;P I literally like all things studded- maybe it’s the texture, particularly when mixed with denim or leather. It just gives that extra edge to everything..& I for one love it! Maybe it’s the inner rock chick screaming to unleash herself on the sartorial world!

Wanna get crafty & find out how to make your own studded Converse (I know I do!), then clickety click here

or else have a looksie at this:




Go forth rock chicks!!;D




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I feel in serious need of a bit of neon to add to my wardrobe & to spice/brighten up my lacklustre oufits! I’m loving seeing everyone out & about in this trend- It makes me wanna go dancing..pronto. Plus the shops are jam-packed with every colour under the rainbow…I may have to ditch some of my old reliable black outfits-for the ‘Summer’* anyway. (*the torrential downpours make it feel like Winter!!)

I think touches of neon work best & really make an outfit pop. Think neon nail varnish, clutches & eye catching neon shoes just like Kirsten Stewart rocks below. Personally, I rrreally want a ‘so bright you can see it from space’ satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company in my life!







Image                                        Image


;D Love it!!


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Yes, yes,yes…the sun is FINALLY here & that means ditching my fur coat (about bloody time!).Hurrah, & while I may not resemble the crowd pictured below (le sigh), I can still pick out & share some of my fave Summer essentials.


The Transparent Bag


The Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers


The Denim Shirt


The Levi Cut-offs


The Pleated Skirt


The Floppy Hat


The Vans


The Fishtail Plait

Those are some of mine, what are yours??;D Xxx

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Get set to unleash your inner flapper girl as The Artist brings back the roaring twenties to all our wardrobes. Even with all the Oscar buzz & annoying ads (does it really need those awful ads to promote it?!), the fashion of old Hollywood still stands out beautiful.


Think fabulous fringing, cute cloche hats, faux fur stoles, dainty femine shoes, silk gloves & costume jewellery.

I’m gonna embrace the silent movie genre & let the pictures do the talking!!;P














& the star of the movie…Uggie!!;D





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Never thought Cruella de Ville would become the fash pack’s inspiration..but she’s only gone & done it! As designers have gone barking mad for dalmatian print…& while Topshop Unique brought all things canine to the catwalks, now the High Street is being flooded with spots of all shapes & sizes!


Leave them puppies alone missus!!


What’s good about that is of course…fake fur! So we don’t have to go to Cruella’s horrifying lengths to get our paws on poor little doggies! She was bad to the bone..wasn’t she??*shudder*


Good advert for anti-smoking...!!

I think  this trend is best left to accessories.. to avoid looking a bit rrruff *groan* ;D!



Personal faves are the Chelsea boots…I would be in serious danger of staring at my feet all day long!

Which Disney character will be our next muse?? Hmm, Ariel ,Aladdin….Simba??I knew those genie pants & that tiny waistcoat would come in handy..eventually!

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“SUN IS SHIIINING”…which means it’s high time to dig out the sunnies & protect your delicate peepers from all those warm rays..YIPPEE!!

And when the sun decides to skedaddle (which it will inevitably do here!), you can use them as a handy hairband to sweep your (annoying) fringe outta your face!! Yes siree, they are very versatile (they also cover eye-bags-hooray!)

This year it would seem the ‘beautiful people’ are rocking round glasses and cat eye glasses, but as ever the classic aviator & Ray-Ban Wayfarer styles are still going strong. Colour & fun-shapes are also HUGE, bringing the fun factor back to fashion.

What shape will you wear?

Grunge chic

(You can get yourself Fearne’s from Black Eyewear)

Palermo perfection!!

There are no words..

Are you brave enough to step out in Marina’s? (maybe a fancy dress party..)

And finally, for some ultimate eye-wear inspiration, I give you the Queen of sunnies…………

Out of this world!!

Now once you’ve picked up the perfect pair, try your best not to sit on them (learn from me!!)

I’m gonna sit in the sun before I miss it!!


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Keshas no excuse for being late!!

Tic-Tok on the clock but the party don’t stop…”

I’ve decided to pay homage to the most humble, practical and fashionable accessory- the watch!! We’ve been rocking watches since way back when and they’ve managed to stay en vogue (well punctuality is important..or so I’ve been told..oops!!).

About Time Taylor!!

These days it would seem wearing one on your arm is a bit…well, passe.  Kesha’s piling them on, Taylor’s wearing a load round her neck & Jessie’s fashioned herself some sort of clock coat….I think all that ticking would tick me right off!!

You can always been on time….

Okay maybe you still have the excuse of being fashionably late!!

Bussi Bussi


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Mad Hatters: Hats are back in Vogue


Tip of the hat!

White Moschino hat featured in Vogue Paris

Hallelujah! Hats are finally back in Vogue & it’s about frickin’ time. That ’70s trend means fedoras are once again hitting the catwalks at the likes of Missoni & I for one am super excited! You just don’t see enough hats these days, don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bar & spotted a hat wearer..ever.

Yet they should be fashion staples-they can keep you snug as a bug in winter, sunburn free in sizzling sunshine & most excitingly of all, they hide those hideous bad hair days! There’s also something quite suave & sophisticated about hats too. What’s not to love?

Can’t wait to see a resurgence in headgear, espesh the wide-brimmed, floppy variety! Bring.It.On

Fly Fedora!!


Oh, Miss Fearne Cotton, I heart your style-love the red & black & super-cute coat! Fearne can do no wrong in my book, she’s fashion & hair perfection as well as being to cool for school…*sighs*

Monochrome madness!!

It’s about time to bowl the fashion pack over with your bowler, flaunt your fur cossack, flash them your fedora, bring out your beanie & try out a trilby..pheww there’s just so many hats to choose from! So there has to be one for!!

Check out some celeb types embracing the very happening hat below…gotta say it..hats off to them(groan!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ciao for now!!:D X

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