Dr. Martens have long been favored by punks, mods  & ska lovers the world over, but the quintessential British footwear brand is seeing a phenomenal resurgence. Thanks to bloggers, fashionistas & celebs like Alexa Chung & Agyness Deyn, Asos has seen sales of the classic air-cushioned soled boots soar by 230%. Pretty impressive huh?!

Why I love them? They’re perfect for trudging through the mean streets of Dublin when it’ s bucketing- Converse not so much..Plus they’re perfect for rocking a day-time grunge look & much comfier than 6 inch heels- result! You even get to feel a little bit rebellious as you lace them up- just a tad!

They don’t have to be plain old black anymore either- there’s a style for everyone, even the most girliest of girls!;D

In summary, DMs are deadly!;P










What DMs are your faves?

:p XoXoX


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"Go on, go on, go on!!"

Yesterday, I got invited to Afternoon tea..at an old castle/ now fancy pants hotel, no less ( I know, very posh altogether!!) It was absolutely delightful, even though I had to keep a watch on my rather suspect table manners! But anyhoo I gots to thinking..

Wot does wan wear to a tea party? ( We had to speak in our posh accents for the day!!)

My reliable if slightly boring jeans were just not going to do..shoot! My friends struggled too but we all eventually agreed tea dresses would be the perfect option (It’s in the name I suppose!) Afternoon tea parties conjure up images of florals, swooshy skirts, leather gloves, lacey parasols & boater style hats for moi!!

Tea time!

I ended up sticking some flowers in my hair to get me in a Spring mood & gave my new Zara chinos their first run out too- Unforch they’re a bit on the big side, better get my sewing on & take them in!!

It was totally what I had expected, flowers galore, a cute dog to greet you & big, comfy garden chairs to sit on! And as for the nibbles, freshly baked scones, cucumber sandwiches & tasty chocolate treats- my mouths watering just thinking about them!!

Wan was well & truly impressed!!


Here’s some picks I might purchase for my next Afternoon tea…Think I could throw my own the next time though.  All I need is the sun to shine…& to unleash my creative side!!


Treat yourself to a well deserved cuppa..& a cucumber sandwich!!Xx


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It’s Vintage Dahling!- Asos Marketplace

'Well, hello there!'


That Asos has its little fashion fingers in all the pies, eh? They have just launched Asos Marketplace ,which is apparently ‘powered by a collective love of fashion.   It’s a destination for inspiration and discovery, where fashion lovers sell directly to each other and where individuals can recycle their wardrobes alongside specialist boutiques. Marketplace ushers in a new era of fashion, where we are all experts and style transcends trends.’

Oh-er, how fancy?! But it’s basically a place to buy clothes from boutiques & other normal folk…or to sell your wares!!


Those peeps have some bright ideas, hope it all works out- love a bit of street style inspiration!!

I’ve spotted some lovely handbags, I’ve got my eye on a few but alas the Chanel ones are still a bit steep…

'Don't look at me & my fabulous bag!'

The fascinators from The Vintage Fairy are right up my street though.  I’m thinking a day at the races may be on the cards for Spring. OOh, just imagining the outfit possibilities now..they’re endless!! Roll on Ladies Day…& Springtime!

'Yes,it's fabulous!'

Flower Power!


Hmm..why do all these street style lot look so effortlessly cool? *Sign*


How do they do it?

Ciao Xx

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Queens of Hearts!

Have a heart

Louise Gray @ Asos

Love is in the air…everywhere I look around & it’s not because Valentines Day is fast approaching (groan)! It’s just because everyone’s giving hearts some love at the minute!

Taking it to the max!

Louise Gray @ Asos

I for one am a total sucker for anything love-heart themed,they’re even on my lovely suitcase! Plus lets face it love just never goes out of fashion!

I’m lusting after some Miu Miu myself……

Mmm Miu-Miu

This Forever 21 number is, however, a little more in my paltry price range…I shall make do!!


Have a looksie below at some famous faces wearing their hearts on their sleeves..well sorta!

Heart Attack!!

Red Hot

She's got the love!

Sure you’ll agree, heart-breakers the lot of them!!

Share the love!!

Peace out ;D

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Hey Jewel: Statement jewellery is hawt,hawt,hawt!!

(Note : so darn hawt you could get BURNED!)

More, more, more is definitely the sentiment when it comes to jewellery at the mo with just about everyone in celeb-land working the trend. So pile on the pendants, chuck on the chains, bang on those bangles & ring in the new year with rings galore. Sure, you’ll be only blingin’ gorgeous!

Personal fave has to be the delicious chain below, courtesy of those crazy folks at Lazy Oaf, sums up just about every night out on the town, methinks!!

read it & weep!!

* First 4 pics Neivz by Steven Shien at Lazy Oaf


Are you giving me the eyes?

Shady Lady

Spikey earrings

* Spike earrings from Asos

Legs eleven!!

*Asos pin up pendant

Wing & a prayer!

* Topshop wing clamp bracelet

Mmm, nothing like some prettyful, covetable accessories to wet the appetite….now to rob a bank-let you know how that works out for me!!

Peace out!! 😉 X

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