So the world is now obsessed with all things ballet & lashings of tulle.  I’m still reeling from watching Black Swan myself…spent most of it hiding behind my hands.  Certainly not what I remembered from ballet class back in the day!

Kinda wish I had kept ballet up but once the teacher said she’d put me in a show, I had a meltdown & refused to return!!Think it might have been a little bit too hardcore for me though…perhaps my temperament served me well in this case!!

Mmm all the sorbet shades are simply delicious & a perfect antidote to the crappy weather outside….you can’t look like a gracious tiny dancer in gale force winds!!Ballerinas would probably take off in these gales !!

I’d love to rock an aul’ hair bun…..ballerina style of course!!So chic & classic!


Pirouette in pretty pink…& yellow too!!;)) Xx


February 4, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Fashion. 2 comments.

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