Tight Ass: Hosiery is Hot!

'I love me tights & me cuddly jumper!'

Dear tights- YOU are  my fashion saviour, you keep me snug in snow, warm in winter, hide my paleness & jazz up those simple, too plain outfits. Thank you soo much for saving me from frostbite on numerous outings. I salute you!

Simply put, tights ROCK! There are lots of totally tremendous tights in the shops at the minute so we can all dare to bare in delightful dresses! Yayy!

But forget the boring black opaques, yawn & try out some new styles. There’s no excuse not to get those pins out!

Check out the Chanel tights below for some catwalk inspiration…


I picked up some super cheap tights courtesy of Pennys/Primark/Primarni- what would we do without it? You feel rich with a mere 20 euros, the only place that’s possible!!Have a looksies at the blurry pics below^^^^oops!!






Get over here snake hips..I mean legs!

Big Ben

lovin’ Topshop‘s snake numbers- They’re sssssizzling!! Henry Holland‘s also playing a blinder with his quirky range of tights & funky socks-available at River Island & Topshop now!

& as for the shorts with tights debate, I say go for it!!Otherwise I would never ever get to wear shorts due to intense fear of freezing. Need convincing? check these stylish lovelies out……..so there!!

Workin it!!

Word ;D X



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Hey Jewel: Statement jewellery is hawt,hawt,hawt!!

(Note : so darn hawt you could get BURNED!)

More, more, more is definitely the sentiment when it comes to jewellery at the mo with just about everyone in celeb-land working the trend. So pile on the pendants, chuck on the chains, bang on those bangles & ring in the new year with rings galore. Sure, you’ll be only blingin’ gorgeous!

Personal fave has to be the delicious chain below, courtesy of those crazy folks at Lazy Oaf, sums up just about every night out on the town, methinks!!

read it & weep!!

* First 4 pics Neivz by Steven Shien at Lazy Oaf


Are you giving me the eyes?

Shady Lady

Spikey earrings

* Spike earrings from Asos

Legs eleven!!

*Asos pin up pendant

Wing & a prayer!

* Topshop wing clamp bracelet

Mmm, nothing like some prettyful, covetable accessories to wet the appetite….now to rob a bank-let you know how that works out for me!!

Peace out!! ūüėČ X

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