Get set to unleash your inner flapper girl as The Artist brings back the roaring twenties to all our wardrobes. Even with all the Oscar buzz & annoying ads (does it really need those awful ads to promote it?!), the fashion of old Hollywood still stands out beautiful.


Think fabulous fringing, cute cloche hats, faux fur stoles, dainty femine shoes, silk gloves & costume jewellery.

I’m gonna embrace the silent movie genre & let the pictures do the talking!!;P














& the star of the movie…Uggie!!;D






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"Finally I'll shake off Harry!"

“Hey boy, hey girl,

Superstar Dj, hhhhere we go!!”

Things seem to be getting a bit masculine of late….blazers are back & tuxedos are too. You can play around with a trilby or bowler to strengthen this bold look.

Keep it modern by combining feminine fabrics with brighter colours (mix in some girly floral patterns too!!) & keep hair nice &  simple. I’m liking Emma’s shorts in the pic above, which you could team with some cute brogues for daytime chic & killer heels to turn heads on a night out!!

Sheer shirts are everywhere this Spring/Summer & work perfectly for this trend-just the right mix of femininity & masculinity. What about working the colour blocking look by choosing & clashing neon trousers with bright blazers!

If that’s all too much-stick to boyish accessories instead! Think satchels,bow-ties, too big watches or button-up your shirts all the way!!

Wonder if Suri picked this out??

Wonder if Suri picked Mammies outfit?!!

Imma gonna get me some of those fringed shorts*sigh*!!

MMMan I feel like a woman!!


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It’s Vintage Dahling!- Asos Marketplace

'Well, hello there!'


That Asos has its little fashion fingers in all the pies, eh? They have just launched Asos Marketplace ,which is apparently ‘powered by a collective love of fashion.   It’s a destination for inspiration and discovery, where fashion lovers sell directly to each other and where individuals can recycle their wardrobes alongside specialist boutiques. Marketplace ushers in a new era of fashion, where we are all experts and style transcends trends.’

Oh-er, how fancy?! But it’s basically a place to buy clothes from boutiques & other normal folk…or to sell your wares!!


Those peeps have some bright ideas, hope it all works out- love a bit of street style inspiration!!

I’ve spotted some lovely handbags, I’ve got my eye on a few but alas the Chanel ones are still a bit steep…

'Don't look at me & my fabulous bag!'

The fascinators from The Vintage Fairy are right up my street though.  I’m thinking a day at the races may be on the cards for Spring. OOh, just imagining the outfit possibilities now..they’re endless!! Roll on Ladies Day…& Springtime!

'Yes,it's fabulous!'

Flower Power!


Hmm..why do all these street style lot look so effortlessly cool? *Sign*


How do they do it?

Ciao Xx

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Mad Hatters: Hats are back in Vogue


Tip of the hat!

White Moschino hat featured in Vogue Paris

Hallelujah! Hats are finally back in Vogue & it’s about frickin’ time. That ’70s trend means fedoras are once again hitting the catwalks at the likes of Missoni & I for one am super excited! You just don’t see enough hats these days, don’t think I’ve ever walked into a bar & spotted a hat wearer..ever.

Yet they should be fashion staples-they can keep you snug as a bug in winter, sunburn free in sizzling sunshine & most excitingly of all, they hide those hideous bad hair days! There’s also something quite suave & sophisticated about hats too. What’s not to love?

Can’t wait to see a resurgence in headgear, espesh the wide-brimmed, floppy variety! Bring.It.On

Fly Fedora!!


Oh, Miss Fearne Cotton, I heart your style-love the red & black & super-cute coat! Fearne can do no wrong in my book, she’s fashion & hair perfection as well as being to cool for school…*sighs*

Monochrome madness!!

It’s about time to bowl the fashion pack over with your bowler, flaunt your fur cossack, flash them your fedora, bring out your beanie & try out a trilby..pheww there’s just so many hats to choose from! So there has to be one for!!

Check out some celeb types embracing the very happening hat below…gotta say it..hats off to them(groan!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ciao for now!!:D X

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