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So after quite the hiatus,I’m back with a vengeance and an even greater lust for niceties.

After the best summer in my living memory, that old so familiar bite in the air has returned. Hello my old not so good friend! Which means my thoughts have turned to keeping snug & therefore to coats. The most used garments known to man or more importantly woman.  A good coat is like a best pal, there for you whatever the weather. A bad coat can linger long in the memory & in a selection of family snaps (I’m talking to you oh-so-popular at the time burgundy padded jacket…..for shame).


So after a  frustrating, hair pulling out search for  perfection, I have settled on a number from Nishe. I’m experimenting with green you see, it’s my choice for Winter & I’m hopeful that it will not make me resemble a giant Kermit. Although, I would consider that quite cute & to be a win!


I’m particularly lovin’ the Mango military coat below modeled below by the sickeningly stunning Miranda kerr. What a minx!  I think I need that one in my life too….damn you marketing whizzes!











Military style coat




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Looking to the caped crusader for some wardrobe inspiration this week, he’s a style hero too doncha know! Embracing my inner comic book  fan!

Image                                     Image



Image                                        Image



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Pic: Harry Ekman

I’m in shock….I’m talking major shock. The sun is splitting the March…in Ireland (gobsmacked!). Which has gotten me in the picnic mood, BIG TIME!

Aferall this week will probably end up being our bloomin’ summer. So I’m packing a picnic basket & heading for the nearest park. Usually the mere mention of a picnic conjures up memories of eating soggy sandwiches at a public bench with my parents while being eaten alive my flies & pestered by wasps.  But MY picnic will be different….it’ll be stylish, I’ll be sipping Champagne, eating an array of fresh fruit & to top it all off it’s too early for wasps….BOOM!

Okay so this is what it’d be like if it happened in my head.

Also I don’t suffer from hayfever in my head….so I can happily skip through all manner of meadows….hooray!!



Floral & gingham desses are must-haves…as are straw hats & supersized sunnies.


If you’re feeling a tad lazy, why not pack it all on your head in an attractive picnic hat type thing like the model below? Sure why not…looks very comfortable & snazzy to me!;P



Go forth & dine al fresco!





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Mint green is this Spring/Summer’s hottest hue & just happens to be the perfect colour for St Patrick’s Day (obviously;P). Plus Pretty pastels are much easier to wear than a leprechaun hat…….RESULT! Team it with pinks & lemons to look like a delicious  ice-cream sundae….good enough to eat!;)







It’s not easy being green……but it sure as hell looks good Kermie!;D


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She's a headache from all the festive excitement!

5,4,3,2,1….It’s nearly that time of year again.  Get ready to fight your way through the crowds & kiss a handsome stranger at midnight (if you’re lucky;P!). Oh and belt out ‘Old Lang Syne’ with gusto!

I’m on the lookout for some party dress inspiration because, well… can just never have enough, can you?! I’m fast becoming the Imelda Marcos of dresses but I still want/need more! Anyhoo ..even though I wouldn’t usually be one for metallics & sequins, for NYE I shall make an exception. Start the New Year with a fashion splash, I say!

Here’s some pretty numbers from Nasty Gal, Motel & TFNC to wet your dress appetite!




Happy 2012….now it’s time to party like it’s 2011 (while we still can)!!;DXx

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I’ve suddenly come over all posh!! Have to admit that initially I wasn’t really feeling the Duchess of Cambidge’s ‘style’….the satin dresses,the horsey attire, the kitten heels..*shudder* but wow,one has had a complete fashion transformation.

It all began with her stepping out in that lustworthy Burberry trench & then,of course,that Grace Kelly-like wedding dress….just perfect for a modern-day princess!

Above, she’s meeting the Irish Guards in a stunning Alexander McQueen military style coat & I’m especially loving the shamrock brooch (being Irish myself ;D)



Beautiful in Burberry

So I’m going to embrace her style….& unleash my inner Princess!!Check out some pocket-friendly options below…The Barbour coat below is really tickling my fancy…the possibilities(plus her look is totally timeless!)!!


All the hail the future (stylish) Queen!!


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All I can say is Diane Kruger is one stylish, sophisticated lady….damn her! I’ve got one serious girl crush on the German lovely. From high forties glamour to laid-back  Parisian chic, Ms Kruger does it all with ease.  Lovin’ her natural hair too….especially the plaits (how very Heidi!) Effortlessly cool & with legs to die for, she’s beyond beautiful & seems pretty darn nice to boot! She definitely developed an enviable sense of style from her modelling days…& I for one heart it!




She even makes crop tops look amaze!

Elle France

Too cool for school!


Flirty feathers…so pretty!

I'd be jumping for joy if I had those legs!!


All I  can say is…Diane..ICH LIEBE DICH!!

Tschuss Xxx

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"Finally I'll shake off Harry!"

“Hey boy, hey girl,

Superstar Dj, hhhhere we go!!”

Things seem to be getting a bit masculine of late….blazers are back & tuxedos are too. You can play around with a trilby or bowler to strengthen this bold look.

Keep it modern by combining feminine fabrics with brighter colours (mix in some girly floral patterns too!!) & keep hair nice &  simple. I’m liking Emma’s shorts in the pic above, which you could team with some cute brogues for daytime chic & killer heels to turn heads on a night out!!

Sheer shirts are everywhere this Spring/Summer & work perfectly for this trend-just the right mix of femininity & masculinity. What about working the colour blocking look by choosing & clashing neon trousers with bright blazers!

If that’s all too much-stick to boyish accessories instead! Think satchels,bow-ties, too big watches or button-up your shirts all the way!!

Wonder if Suri picked this out??

Wonder if Suri picked Mammies outfit?!!

Imma gonna get me some of those fringed shorts*sigh*!!

MMMan I feel like a woman!!


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A cunning disguise!!

Just a short post on the humble headscarf! An accessory must-have for Summer & they can be snapped up for next to nothing if you’re a bit strapped for cash- RESULT! Raid your Momma’s wardrobe or have a good dig round the local charity shop.

They also cover up my frizzy, untamed mane of hair & can cover up yucky, roots.  You can use them to tie your bun or plait, tie them in a bow or wrap them around you head like an eighties rockstar!! But you may want to avoid covering your whole head up, it may be okay for you Granny….but still. They can also be used a s a disguise-as demonstrated beautifully by Audrey above!!


A little bit Axel Rose!!

Think this might be my fave!

Pretty make-up too!

Blue eyeshadow NEVER looks this good in real life!

Spotty models!


Now all I need is Rhianna’s cute as pie curls!!(A girls gotta dream!)

Try it yourself & you’ll be head & shoulders above everyone!!

XoXoX ;D (Buh-Bye!)

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The stereotypical pj party!!

Ahh humble pyjamas, how I love you! You keep me warm & snug as a bug in a rug!My dressing gown (house coat, whatever you like to call it) has to be my favourite thing in the world..ever. It instantly cheers me up  & makes me all fuzzy inside!

Nightwear really deserves more attention, methinks! After all, we do wear pjs (well some of us anyway!)nearly 50 per cent of the time! Plus there are soo many cute sleep sets to choose from, it’d be a shame not to get some!

I always love having new, fleecy ones for Christmas. And when you’re feeling a bit on the peaky side, you live in you pj’s.

You too can lounge on the stairs with roses!!

Why is that chandelier so low in the photo above..strange! Anyhoo, there’s nothing quite like having a duvet day..perhaps tomorrow?

Even though I love my pyjamas and all, I wouldn’t be seen dead out and about in them! Like those girls who go to the shops in them, nah, they’re purely for behind closed doors!

I’m off to bed now…all this talk has made me super sleepy, now where are my pj’s??!

“Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs, bananas are coming down in pairs..”– Classic choon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nighty, night!!

X0X0 ;D

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