Never thought Cruella de Ville would become the fash pack’s inspiration..but she’s only gone & done it! As designers have gone barking mad for dalmatian print…& while Topshop Unique brought all things canine to the catwalks, now the High Street is being flooded with spots of all shapes & sizes!


Leave them puppies alone missus!!


What’s good about that is of course…fake fur! So we don’t have to go to Cruella’s horrifying lengths to get our paws on poor little doggies! She was bad to the bone..wasn’t she??*shudder*


Good advert for anti-smoking...!!

I think  this trend is best left to accessories.. to avoid looking a bit rrruff *groan* ;D!



Personal faves are the Chelsea boots…I would be in serious danger of staring at my feet all day long!

Which Disney character will be our next muse?? Hmm, Ariel ,Aladdin….Simba??I knew those genie pants & that tiny waistcoat would come in handy..eventually!


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