The stereotypical pj party!!

Ahh humble pyjamas, how I love you! You keep me warm & snug as a bug in a rug!My dressing gown (house coat, whatever you like to call it) has to be my favourite thing in the world..ever. It instantly cheers me up  & makes me all fuzzy inside!

Nightwear really deserves more attention, methinks! After all, we do wear pjs (well some of us anyway!)nearly 50 per cent of the time! Plus there are soo many cute sleep sets to choose from, it’d be a shame not to get some!

I always love having new, fleecy ones for Christmas. And when you’re feeling a bit on the peaky side, you live in you pj’s.

You too can lounge on the stairs with roses!!

Why is that chandelier so low in the photo above..strange! Anyhoo, there’s nothing quite like having a duvet day..perhaps tomorrow?

Even though I love my pyjamas and all, I wouldn’t be seen dead out and about in them! Like those girls who go to the shops in them, nah, they’re purely for behind closed doors!

I’m off to bed now…all this talk has made me super sleepy, now where are my pj’s??!

“Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs, bananas are coming down in pairs..”– Classic choon!

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Nighty, night!!

X0X0 ;D


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